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Colourful Cabinets

Launched at London Design Week as part of Tent, I saw this piece from Yorkshire-based designer Anthony Hartley. Using oak, he creates these colourful cabinets by hand laminating each ply drawer, spraying and lacquering. The bright range of colours cry out to be touched, with their smooth wave like texture.


Plus Side Table

The Plus Side Table by designers Goodwin + Goodwin is designed so it can be assembled in moments without the need for tools and fittings. Made in the UK it comes flat packed in a smell box with the legs nestled inside. The legs simply slot together in a square formation leaving a cross at each corner raised, this allows the top to be securely fitted to the legs. The cross also presents a nice graphic element to the design. The table are currently available in white and mint green. The legs are birch plywood with a powder-coated table-top. Available from Goodwin + Goodwin.

Found on Design Milk

Bathroom Sink Design

From the Italian company Componendo comes this beautiful collection called Quattordici. Using a combination of stainless steel and walnut/rosewood they create a gorgeous contrast between the harshest of materials, and the softest. Accentuating the difference with a slant in the legs. Beautiful statement piece.

Found on Freshome

Toolbox to Wall Storage

A great Before and After sequence from Kim Knoll shown on Design Sponge. Using the shell of an old tool box, she revamped it and attached it to her wall for an eye-catching display! Kim says “A great tip for getting the life back in wood that’s aged a little too much is to use a wood conditioner. It’s great for restoring the original wood, but still keeps the aged effect.

Found on Design Sponge

Ikea Wardrobe made personal

Diana, a Dutch woman living in Germany with her husband and 2 daughters, decided one day that the Ikea bought wardrobe in her daughters bedroom was a bit plain and boring. Armed with a can of green paint, a drill and some neon wool, this creation was born. Although it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it is inspiring none the less. When companies such as Ikea take over the market, we are drenched in products that everyone else owns, so why not customise it and let it stand out!? The patterns were created by drilling holes in the doors and letting her children create the patterns with neon wool.

Found on Design Sponge

Washington Night Stand

I like the contrast between the pristine white and the natural wood and the curves give the design an extra personality. Take a look at the rest of the range too with the link at the bottom of the post.

Available from Birlea

Maze Dining Collection

This range of dining furniture from Willis and Gambier has such a lovely design. It combines the classic shapes of a dining range with an unusual maze design carved into the wood underneath a glass top.

Found at W&G

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