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Ikea Wardrobe made personal

Diana, a Dutch woman living in Germany with her husband and 2 daughters, decided one day that the Ikea bought wardrobe in her daughters bedroom was a bit plain and boring. Armed with a can of green paint, a drill and some neon wool, this creation was born. Although it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it is inspiring none the less. When companies such as Ikea take over the market, we are drenched in products that everyone else owns, so why not customise it and let it stand out!? The patterns were created by drilling holes in the doors and letting her children create the patterns with neon wool.

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Sticks is a cabinet system with boxes in four different widths and four different heights, standing on one leg. The total height of each Stick can always be different, because of the four different lengths of the legs (the sticks). The Sticks can be used as a lowboard, as a sideboard and as casual wardrobe (varying in height) or loose as a hall cabinet or bedside table. Available from Gerard De Hoop.

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