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Hole in the Floor

Hole in the Floor is a serious of ingenious shelving units for a private commission in 2010. From the design studio Raw Edges, these units are based on the idea of things ending unexpectedly. The resemble vertical drawers that are sliced at the bottom. Not quite sure how they get those books so far down, but it’s an interesting concept, making you do a double take. Simple and thought provoking.

Found on Freshome


Toolbox to Wall Storage

A great Before and After sequence from Kim Knoll shown on Design Sponge. Using the shell of an old tool box, she revamped it and attached it to her wall for an eye-catching display! Kim says “A great tip for getting the life back in wood that’s aged a little too much is to use a wood conditioner. It’s great for restoring the original wood, but still keeps the aged effect.

Found on Design Sponge

Citti Modular Storage

Really like the way this really is customisable. Many products and furniture boast this feature, without actually satisfying the means. This range by Zweed in Sweeden is a beautiful yet simple design. Width and height can be adjusted by changing the boxes around. Each piece is made to your order, and the manufacturers can paint it to any colour choice. Doors and drawers are also available as an option should you wish to hide the things you store. Boxes are made from painted/lacquered MDF and the legs are lacquered Birch.

Available from Zweed


Lots of companies have tried to come up with a solution to the problem of keeping your headphones tidy and safe. There are many examples out there of the wire simply being wrapped round a fancy piece of card. This product however protects your ear buds from damage at the same time as keeping your wires tidy. Love the spoof on a thread spool too.

Available from The Other Edge

Wine Glass Light

I like the concept behind this idea. Taking an everyday object and using it in a lighting situation. I have reserves as to how practical this would be, but the idea is great. Using two wire prongs most wine glasses can slip into place securely.

Available at Dwell

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