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Sticks is a cabinet system with boxes in four different widths and four different heights, standing on one leg. The total height of each Stick can always be different, because of the four different lengths of the legs (the sticks). The Sticks can be used as a lowboard, as a sideboard and as casual wardrobe (varying in height) or loose as a hall cabinet or bedside table. Available from Gerard De Hoop.

Found on Design Milk


Milano Dining Range

It’s nice to see a different use to veneer. Yes they use the wooden panelling along the back of the chair like a lot of designs, but they enhance ebony’s natural grain so it accentuates when put next to the black suede. Also using a dark veneer like ebony allows the black suede of the chair covers to blend well with the dark wooden colour of the arms and legs, so they appear as one until you look closely. Unfortunately not available any more, but a beautiful piece of design.

Sold by Unique Interiors, designed by Excelsior Designs

Refurbished Credenza

I love finding stories about old furniture that have been restored, and this refurbished credenza is a classic case. Paint chipped and a few dents made this piece unloved, but with the hard work and determination of a man named Ryan Thompson it has been turned into a beautiful, useful object.

Found on DesignSponge

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