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Plus Side Table

The Plus Side Table by designers Goodwin + Goodwin is designed so it can be assembled in moments without the need for tools and fittings. Made in the UK it comes flat packed in a smell box with the legs nestled inside. The legs simply slot together in a square formation leaving a cross at each corner raised, this allows the top to be securely fitted to the legs. The cross also presents a nice graphic element to the design. The table are currently available in white and mint green. The legs are birch plywood with a powder-coated table-top. Available from Goodwin + Goodwin.

Found on Design Milk


Maze Dining Collection

This range of dining furniture from Willis and Gambier has such a lovely design. It combines the classic shapes of a dining range with an unusual maze design carved into the wood underneath a glass top.

Found at W&G

Milano Dining Range

It’s nice to see a different use to veneer. Yes they use the wooden panelling along the back of the chair like a lot of designs, but they enhance ebony’s natural grain so it accentuates when put next to the black suede. Also using a dark veneer like ebony allows the black suede of the chair covers to blend well with the dark wooden colour of the arms and legs, so they appear as one until you look closely. Unfortunately not available any more, but a beautiful piece of design.

Sold by Unique Interiors, designed by Excelsior Designs

Lille Round Table

Love curves on furniture and I think the Lille collection from Willis and Gambier do it so well. In particular the ‘Round Lamp Table’ with its subtly edged drawers and Cherry/Alder veneer colour.

Found at W&G

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