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Colourful Cabinets

Launched at London Design Week as part of Tent, I saw this piece from Yorkshire-based designer Anthony Hartley. Using oak, he creates these colourful cabinets by hand laminating each ply drawer, spraying and lacquering. The bright range of colours cry out to be touched, with their smooth wave like texture.


Fin Vase

Flat packed design packaged in a small box. It comes in 10 flat pieces with two rings to hold it together, all laser cut plywood (you can tell by the black scorch marks around the outside – which personally I think add extra character to the product). The structure then holds an ordinary glass test tube in which to pour water and add your choice of flowers. A very minimalistic approach to vase design. Also, the amount of times I have seen designs like this at university is shocking!

Found on flatpackables

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