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The Life After Corkage

An inspirational design of a bar stool and an ottoman from Gessato. Looking more at the bar stool side of the design, it shows how a restaurant can recycle the many wine and champagne corks they use into furniture. I believe that the corks acting as a cushion would be much more comfortable than some of the other stools i’ve seen made from plastic that you can sit on for only about 5 minutes. The corks are enclosed in a breathable, durable mesh fabric allowing the seat to move with the body. Love the idea.


Available to buy from Gessato


Balloon Bench

Everyone loves the Pixar film UP. This piece of design was actually inspired by a 1953 French film “Le Ballon Rouge”, but has the same principles for the idea generation. The balloons act as a distraction from the fixings underneath the chair holding it securely to the wall to make the seat seem like it is being held up by balloons.

Found through Yanko Design

Milano Dining Range

It’s nice to see a different use to veneer. Yes they use the wooden panelling along the back of the chair like a lot of designs, but they enhance ebony’s natural grain so it accentuates when put next to the black suede. Also using a dark veneer like ebony allows the black suede of the chair covers to blend well with the dark wooden colour of the arms and legs, so they appear as one until you look closely. Unfortunately not available any more, but a beautiful piece of design.

Sold by Unique Interiors, designed by Excelsior Designs

New Egg Chair

A new take on the classic Egg Chair designed in 1956 by Arne Jacobsen. This design has the same curves and beautiful seamless covers as the original and looks stunning in this red wool effect.

This style is available to buy from Interior Icons

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