Stem – The Citrus Fruit Spray

Many designers have adapted the lemon squeezer, most notably Phillipe Stark with his Juicy Salif. This however takes the art of juicing in a different direction. Using this simple product named ‘Stem’, the user pushes the end into the fruit, presses down on the spray producing fruit juice in a spray form. Lovely idea from


Suspended Meeting Room

The idea of a meeting room with no walls has been done in many offices, using glass walls and open plan design. This however takes it to a new level. The suspended meeting room at the Headquarters of Nykredit was created by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen with astonishing results allowing for a beautiful inspiring environment.

Found through LikeCool

Red Dcuk Ducks

Loving the colour added to these classics. I’ve been a fan of these little fellas for quite a while and own a couple myself. This range of stained ducks add an extra vitality to these gorgeous designs.

Available from The Duck Company

Pop Up Party Bins

Great idea for a garden party. Easy to assemble and very identifiable to the user. The use of large graphics stands out and ensures the user knows which bin to put what item in. Also means that large bulky and unsightly bins are no longer needed. A great time saver the morning after!

Photos by Edmond Ley Photography

Found on Design Milk

Wine Glass Light

I like the concept behind this idea. Taking an everyday object and using it in a lighting situation. I have reserves as to how practical this would be, but the idea is great. Using two wire prongs most wine glasses can slip into place securely.

Available at Dwell

Refurbished Credenza

I love finding stories about old furniture that have been restored, and this refurbished credenza is a classic case. Paint chipped and a few dents made this piece unloved, but with the hard work and determination of a man named Ryan Thompson it has been turned into a beautiful, useful object.

Found on DesignSponge

Black Bird Keyring and House

I found this charming keyring on Lovely idea for keeping your keys safe when you get home.

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