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Turn the Season Rug

From design company YLdesign in Holland comes this beautifully aesthetic double sided rug showing the changes between seasons. For indoor or outdoor use. The rug connects to our minds and brings memories of summer in the park, or autumn leaves on the ground.

From YLdesign


Zooka Wireless Silicone Speaker

Zooka is a wireless silicone speaker system designed to slip onto any laptop, tablet or any thin edged surface. From the company New, this portable speaker works through a Bluetooth connection. It is made from durable medical grade silicone, making it soft and long lasting, and produces sounds five times louder than the aforementioned devices. It is designed to work anywhere you go, sliding onto any laptop without obscuring your camera lens. There is also a 3.5mm audio input if your device is unable to connect wirelessly through bluetooth. The firm is currently raising funds to launch this product, so watch this space.

Geek Clock

Available in both Maths and Science ranges, this clock adds a challenge to something as simple as reading the time. On both styles the user needs to work out the problem to discover the correct number. Of course it is also simple enough to know that “52 – x2 + x = 10″ happens to be in the “7 o’clock” position, but those whole like some mental arithmetic, this is for you. The Maths one seems a little easier than the Science, but allows you to gain knowledge of some pop quiz questions.

Available from Think Geek

Lemon Sombrero

This design by Mauricio Affonso allows the juice from squeezing a lemon or lime to be transferred straight into the container. Fixing onto the top of any standard drinks bottle, this little gadget is genius.

Available from Umbra


Sticks is a cabinet system with boxes in four different widths and four different heights, standing on one leg. The total height of each Stick can always be different, because of the four different lengths of the legs (the sticks). The Sticks can be used as a lowboard, as a sideboard and as casual wardrobe (varying in height) or loose as a hall cabinet or bedside table. Available from Gerard De Hoop.

Found on Design Milk

Turn your Credit Cards into a ruler!

These easy to apply vinyl stickers add function to the cards in your wallet. Each sticker wraps around the front and back of the card without interfering with the magnetic strip. Each pack has 3 stickers in measuring 3 inches (about 7.5 mm).

Available from Cyberguys

Swiss Army Knife with USB Stick

An interesting design which takes the Swiss Army Knife into the 21st century. It contains the usual array of instruments but with an extra feature of a swivel out 1tb USB stick. Due to be released in April, this mini product will cost a whopping $3,000.

Found on Likecool

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