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Transformed House

A couple inherited a house 4 and a half years ago, here’s the before and after pictures of their gorgeous new home!

Living/Dining Room


Master Bedroom


Study/Guest Bedroom



Sun Room/ Conservatory

For more details on how they did up their home, visit Young House Love


Interiors UK Show – Day 1

I went for a prelim scout today around a few of the halls at the NEC Show. LOVING what I saw!

A little advice for any designer wanting to take a look for ideas: When signing up do not put designer on your badge! The amount of stall holders who gave me a dirty look like I was going to steal their ideas! Better to say your from an interiors shop that supplies furniture etc, they think they might be able to make some money out of you so will be more co-operative!

Unfortunately all the halls have a no photography rule, but you may ask stall holders if you may take them.

Mainly looked at the lighting area today, some really beautiful designs being showcased. Have to say that massive chandeliers with thousands of small crystals seem to be ‘in’ at the moment. Some gorgeous ideas from about 100 stands – here’s the pick of the best (in my opinion)

Colours within a clear shell – Colors by Copenhagen

Rustic Candle Lanterns from Hill Interiors

Lighting inspired by a swan – Illuminati

Block colours from Endon

Thousands of crystals by First Class Lighting

Cage Pendant from Mullan Lighting

Double shades by Paulo Coelho

Medieval style lighting from Tuscanor Lighting

And many many more! Take a look at the Interiors UK 2012 Website to view more companies to have exhibited!

Bulb Candle

A really cool idea. The designers at System Design Studio were feeling a little nostalgic, a wax candle shaped like a bulb. The interior cavity melts straight down without deforming the outer wall and you can screw it into a standard socket as a display mount.

Story found on Yanko Design

Dakari Lighting

Really like these lights, nice simple design. Love the wood grain design in black on the white canvas. They come in a range of 7 types.

Available to buy at Lumens

Mary Elizabeth Miller

I always have a look on my followers blogs and those who comment or like my posts. Today I have spent the last hour looking at all things Mary Elizabeth Miller. Obviously being a furniture design student myself, I was drawn straight away to the furniture pieces, and then blown away by her outstanding drawing skills and craftsmanship. Her work has inspired me to become a better designer and to pursue with my drawing to get it up to scratch. Take a look at her website portfolio.

The following are just a few pieces of her design work.

All work and photos above copyright of Mary Elizabeth Miller.

Where good ideas come from

Steven Johnson made this video about 18 months ago. He has the same lulling voice as those doing ted talks, but keeps you interested with his amazing drawing skills. Every designer aspires to be able to draw as easily and intricately as Steven does, on any source of material, for instance Steven uses a whiteboard and markers for this video. Take a look at what should be an illustrator at work.

Where good ideas come from.

Triple Waterfall Feature

A beautiful and simplistic design for an outside water feature from Platt Landscaping in the States. Three rods act as waterfall points as the water come gushing our from these slits. The effect is stunning. Some ambient lighting added to the plunge pool base shine up through the trickling water and sets the mood for a relaxing and calming evening.

Discovered through Style of Design

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