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Turn the Season Rug

From design company YLdesign in Holland comes this beautifully aesthetic double sided rug showing the changes between seasons. For indoor or outdoor use. The rug connects to our minds and brings memories of summer in the park, or autumn leaves on the ground.

From YLdesign


The Life After Corkage

An inspirational design of a bar stool and an ottoman from Gessato. Looking more at the bar stool side of the design, it shows how a restaurant can recycle the many wine and champagne corks they use into furniture. I believe that the corks acting as a cushion would be much more comfortable than some of the other stools i’ve seen made from plastic that you can sit on for only about 5 minutes. The corks are enclosed in a breathable, durable mesh fabric allowing the seat to move with the body. Love the idea.


Available to buy from Gessato

Hole in the Floor

Hole in the Floor is a serious of ingenious shelving units for a private commission in 2010. From the design studio Raw Edges, these units are based on the idea of things ending unexpectedly. The resemble vertical drawers that are sliced at the bottom. Not quite sure how they get those books so far down, but it’s an interesting concept, making you do a double take. Simple and thought provoking.

Found on Freshome

Bathroom Sink Design

From the Italian company Componendo comes this beautiful collection called Quattordici. Using a combination of stainless steel and walnut/rosewood they create a gorgeous contrast between the harshest of materials, and the softest. Accentuating the difference with a slant in the legs. Beautiful statement piece.

Found on Freshome

Toolbox to Wall Storage

A great Before and After sequence from Kim Knoll shown on Design Sponge. Using the shell of an old tool box, she revamped it and attached it to her wall for an eye-catching display! Kim says “A great tip for getting the life back in wood that’s aged a little too much is to use a wood conditioner. It’s great for restoring the original wood, but still keeps the aged effect.

Found on Design Sponge

Depth Wallpaper

Ever wanted something a bit more interesting than textured wallpaper? Or a change from all that ‘focal point’ paper? Well here is a great alternative. These wallpapers designed by Young & Battaglia for Mineheart give more than depth to a dull wall. Using them to cover the whole room, or just for a couple of strips inject a bit of life into a room.

White Panelling

Vintage Bookshelf

Found on Freshome

Modern Villa

This is a recently built villa with great views of the Stockholm Inlet. The large windows give panoramic views and plenty of natural light into these spacious rooms. A great combination of white/grey/beige tones with a few simple splashes of colour.

A slate coloured rug brings out the white leather chairs.

Wooden sides and counter tops combined with colour injections of paintings and decorations add depth to the vast white.

Adding teal colours to the walls with full length curtains accentuates the large room, with colour splashes also on the floor and cushions.

Putting denim covers with a white trim against this panelled white wall gives a nautical feel to this room.

Found on Freshome.

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