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Where good ideas come from

Steven Johnson made this video about 18 months ago. He has the same lulling voice as those doing ted talks, but keeps you interested with his amazing drawing skills. Every designer aspires to be able to draw as easily and intricately as Steven does, on any source of material, for instance Steven uses a whiteboard and markers for this video. Take a look at what should be an illustrator at work.

Where good ideas come from.


Triple Waterfall Feature

A beautiful and simplistic design for an outside water feature from Platt Landscaping in the States. Three rods act as waterfall points as the water come gushing our from these slits. The effect is stunning. Some ambient lighting added to the plunge pool base shine up through the trickling water and sets the mood for a relaxing and calming evening.

Discovered through Style of Design

Suspended Meeting Room

The idea of a meeting room with no walls has been done in many offices, using glass walls and open plan design. This however takes it to a new level. The suspended meeting room at the Headquarters of Nykredit was created by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen with astonishing results allowing for a beautiful inspiring environment.

Found through LikeCool

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