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Citti Modular Storage

Really like the way this really is customisable. Many products and furniture boast this feature, without actually satisfying the means. This range by Zweed in Sweeden is a beautiful yet simple design. Width and height can be adjusted by changing the boxes around. Each piece is made to your order, and the manufacturers can paint it to any colour choice. Doors and drawers are also available as an option should you wish to hide the things you store. Boxes are made from painted/lacquered MDF and the legs are lacquered Birch.

Available from Zweed


Interiors UK Show – Day 1

I went for a prelim scout today around a few of the halls at the NEC Show. LOVING what I saw!

A little advice for any designer wanting to take a look for ideas: When signing up do not put designer on your badge! The amount of stall holders who gave me a dirty look like I was going to steal their ideas! Better to say your from an interiors shop that supplies furniture etc, they think they might be able to make some money out of you so will be more co-operative!

Unfortunately all the halls have a no photography rule, but you may ask stall holders if you may take them.

Mainly looked at the lighting area today, some really beautiful designs being showcased. Have to say that massive chandeliers with thousands of small crystals seem to be ‘in’ at the moment. Some gorgeous ideas from about 100 stands – here’s the pick of the best (in my opinion)

Colours within a clear shell – Colors by Copenhagen

Rustic Candle Lanterns from Hill Interiors

Lighting inspired by a swan – Illuminati

Block colours from Endon

Thousands of crystals by First Class Lighting

Cage Pendant from Mullan Lighting

Double shades by Paulo Coelho

Medieval style lighting from Tuscanor Lighting

And many many more! Take a look at the Interiors UK 2012 Website to view more companies to have exhibited!

Tool Tank

A mini ‘Tool Tank’ that attaches to your keys. This multi-tool key chain features 3 cleverly hidden screw heads within the tracks. Each screw head attachment magnetically fixes into the turret. DIY and tanks – a very male orientated product! Unfortunately not available just yet, but able to pre order front he link below for only £9.99.

Available in Green and Red.

Available to pre-order at Spinning Hat

Colour offsets in a Small Loft

This small loft has been transformed into a unique and characteristic home. The white and grey walls act as a plain canvas to offset colour and style into every corner of this apartment. The spiral staircase allows natural light to fill the lower floor and flood through to the kitchen. This designer has used a small colour palette range of orange and burnt reds to add colour to their home. Using glossy coloured kitchen units, an orange furry rug underneath the dining table, and a swirl pattern with drops of tangerine in the coffee table rug add depth to the lower floor. Also using small dabs of colour on the furnishings – cushions, throws etc – accentuate the block colours of the kitchen and rugs.

Found on Homedit

Toast Bird Feeder

Love this idea! Great design, and a brilliant way to put those left over pieces of bread after breakfast, or the ends of a loaf.

Available from Etsy

Washington Night Stand

I like the contrast between the pristine white and the natural wood and the curves give the design an extra personality. Take a look at the rest of the range too with the link at the bottom of the post.

Available from Birlea

Maze Dining Collection

This range of dining furniture from Willis and Gambier has such a lovely design. It combines the classic shapes of a dining range with an unusual maze design carved into the wood underneath a glass top.

Found at W&G

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